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A Tale of

     Mike + Brenna





Or How Mike Got Brenna to Marry Him



Mike as Borat Once a shifty player in the fast food industry...

...Mike was often seen coming... 


...and going in poor taste.

banana hamock coming banana hamock going


All the boozing and the suspendered banana hammock took their toll.

After hitting rock bottom he took a hard look in the mirror, shaved, decided to quit drinking and changed his name from Josang to Hosang. (Hey, I read it in the paper so it must be true!)


Josang to Hosang

But bad taste doesn't die easy. Sometimes he can still be seen leaving his bank already changed into a hoody or the like.

Mike as Ali G




For the most part though, he was a new man. Still could that new leaf have been enough to woo fair Brenna? I think not.

Ever see that darkened tomb he calls a "family room"? That pathetic philodendron grasping for a ray of light? Those long (only slightly exaggerated) canines?...

Um huh...


            vampire 2

True Blood



Oh, I don't know...

       Maybe it had something to do with love.

something to do with love - kissing









Nilla Wafer Video







Fair Maiden Brenna Santoro Hosang
Borat Michael Hosang
Ali G Michael Hosang
Nilla Wafer Michael Hosang
Mike J & H Michael Hosang



BJ, JB, Dillard

Film K-Dog
Graphics/Script You know who

author's portrait





I got bad news, Brenna.
This is your wedding gift.
Don't worry, check will be in the mail.