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Excerpts from some of my sketchbooks:

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pages from sketchbook 1Sketchbook 1

Covers the period soon after graduation from UVA. There were others before this.

pages from sketchbook 2Sketchbook 2

Living in New York City.

pages from sketchbook 3Sketchbook 3

Pretty much the last of the sketches. Mid '90s.

my study of leonardo da vinci's Adoration of the MagiStudy Sketch of the Adoration of the Magi

A sketch I did for my sister of Leonardo da Vinci's Study for the Adoration of the Magi. Ink on vellum. (The original is here)

my sketch of the Virgin and St. AnneStudy Sketch of the Virgin and St. Anne

A sketch I did of Leo's drawings for the Virgin and Child with St Anne and St.John. Charcoal and chalk on brown paper bag. (The original is here) I love Anne's look and the space between. Leo opted for a more subtle intamacy in the painted version.

The original page size of the books is 5" x 8". Pen or pencil was usually used (occasionally charcoal, chalk, water color). Most images are simply numbered, though some have been named. Very simple html was used for the presentation. It was generated using a multi-file editor program that I wrote called MFE.

Arthur A. Marks