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Delphic Sibyl

Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel ceiling fresco, 1509

I was never very interested in Michelangelo Buonoparti. Leonardo d'Vinci at least seemed interesting. Michelangelo painted lumpy figures of short proportions even if over articulated muscularly. His sculptured figures like, David, or the Pieta are more slim. Even the somewhat attractive Delphic Sibyl has manly arms. His men were nude almost everywhere, his women only if they had to be, like Eve. I've always understood the idiotic creation story to have Eve ticed by the serpent as a man. Michelangelo makes the serpent a woman (along with some other artists of the time). Still, in these studies I began to appreciate his compositional skills. No doubt he was a master. The focal point of the Sistine Chapel, The Creation of Adam (God's finger touching Man's) is probably one of the most well known paintings.

The original

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The Ancestors of Christ: Jesse

Sistine Chapel ceiling fresco, 1509

Symetrical, divided into four quadrants. The arms even while emphasising these axes throw it off.

The original